Eco Vision

BetahniaJohn Brown of Strone has a vision to be Argyll’s premier Eco house builder hence our ecovision link.

We are impassioned about our renewable energy credentials being Scotland First Passive House builder and the UK’s First social Passive House builder and in doing so producing the lowest air tightness test ever recorded in the UK. We are committed to producing high quality Eco friendly homes to exacting standards which can only be accomplished in partnership with our clients, design partners, suppliers and most of all our highly trained and quality driven tradesmen.

The drive within the global economy is to become much GREENER and JBS is taking a lead locally to achieve environmentally sustainable homes with innovative designs setting new standards that meet reduced carbon emissions and thermal performance but are also functional and economically priced.

The above statement from JBS will help to produce a home that is GREENER, CLEANER and CHEAPER to run.

Eco Tech
  1. Air Source Outlet Fan.
  2. Air Source Heat Pump.
  3. Velux Solar Cylinder.
  4. Velux Solar Panels blended with Velux Roof Lights.
  5. Paul Whole House Ventilation System (Heat Recovery).

Please contact us should you wish to discuss your vision for an eco home or any aspect of incorporating renewable technology in your existing property eg . air source heat pump, solar panels, high efficiency boilers or perhaps triple glazing.