Our Projects



A development of 4 affordable homes on the banks of the river Echaig at Kilmun.

Our client was anxious to make the build of this as sustainable as possible by engaging a local contractor and choosing local materials with a high potential for recycling.  As it was previously Forestry Commission land the buildings were constructed completely out of Scottish timber with at least 30% coming from Argyll forests.

As can be seen from the photograph the Forestry Commission has used the development on the cover of their new guide. The development was also runner up in this year’s Scottish Design Awards.





BetahniaA development of 14 affordable homes on the site of the Bethania a former care home that had been constructed by John Brown in the sixties.

This project has been designed by Professor Gokay Deveci who is renowned for his work in sustainable housing.  It was the intention that all the houses and flats on this development would meet Passive house standards. Alas due to funding constraints only one house could be built to meet the standards. All houses are insulated to the highest standards and have triple glazed windows and doors

Care has been taken on this development to support the Bullwood Group who are an organisation that works with disabled people and have a woodlands garden on the hillside of the site. A workshop is being incorporated into the building and will provide shelter and toilets to both staff and volunteers.



A development of 19 homes for rent on the site of the former stone tenement which was demolished as it no longer met the needs of Fyne Homes housing list. John Brown had been an apprentice on the original tenement.

These houses are super insulated and solar panels have been installed to heat the water. Electric boilers have also been installed to work in conjunction the solar panels.

The building was built using 4 different reject facing brick types which were laid in a random pattern to give the distinctive look that has been much admired and resulted in a British Brick Award.